Entry #1


2016-07-23 16:12:31 by Alexkazam222

Wow! 10 fans? Despite all my videos having only 2/3 stars, apparently some people actually like my crap!

Thank you all!

(Not trying to be a sellout or anything, but check out my YouTube page, I upload more time there)



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2016-07-23 21:12:34

Hi, I'm fan number 12.
You have some audio quality problems and the drawings are a bit simplistic, which probably lowers your ratings, but the stuff you say is pretty funny.
Keep up the good work.

(Updated ) Alexkazam222 responds:

My problem with the audio is something I can't really do anything about... (I just use my phone, and I try to get the best quality that I can) I don't really have a microphone and all. Yeah my drawings are pretty simplistic, I'm still getting Used to my graphics tablet, (also my style in drawing is pretty garbage XD)
Thanks for liking my stuff! I hope I will continue to be funny :)


2016-09-25 10:49:48

I'm fan number 20.

Alexkazam222 responds:

:D yay!