Entry #3

Sad Day

2017-01-23 20:21:47 by Alexkazam222

Hey all! I regret to inform my 25 fans that I will no longer be posting on Newgrounds (At least for now). My style and music choice is currently not welcome on this site. I will still be active on Newgrounds, and you can send me messages and such.

If you want to see my new videos, go here -> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKOG9eC2zgCuJaWs6GL56Og

Much love, ~Alexkazam


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2017-02-13 16:10:02

That sucks


2017-08-17 11:02:59

aww noo :(

Atleast you're still active, that's the main thing ^_^
And actually, why is your style/music choice not welcome? I think your videos are really entertaining, and the music is not copyrighted, so you can still use it.

hm m

Alexkazam222 responds:

Heh, I've been contacted numerous times that I need to use music from the audio portal, also, my style has changed and improved, so you may see a comeback for me on Newgrounds in the future. ;)


2017-09-07 12:59:20

Please come back, it's been too long!!!!!!!!!!